Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have always seen the world from a different perspective, and photography has been a way for me to show the world what I see. My name is Sophia Wilton and I believe in uniqueness. 

There is no such thing as limitations in life. Life is a reflection of what you allow yourself to see. So let yourself see belief in possibility. I was adopted from an orphanage in a small rural town named Kyustendil, outside of Sofia, Bulgaria. I grew up with my adopted parents all over the United States and currently reside in the Bay Area of California. 

I studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing, but found myself lusting after something greater than myself. My mother was an artist, and I have always been moved by the emotions her work evoked. My hope is that in viewing this, you will be enriched with overwhelming sensations. 

I live a life of confusion and bliss, and don't believe there is a distinction between perception and reality. We are the creators of the lives we live, and I have chosen to live a life of truth, respect, acceptance and love. I have a beautiful wife, two dogs and three cats. I have learned to find peace amidst the chaos, and with every new adventure I take, more meaning is added to my life. 


Marketer, Entreupuner &


Motion Graphics




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